Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The whole world is rushing by us…

Hi guys, it has been a very interesting period of time for me. The new hotel opened to a great reception, we initially opened 150 rooms battle-test some people systems and processes but we were overwhelmed. We had to quickly open another 50 rooms to meet demand last weekend. We had a sell out of all the rooms.

BIG Hotel

The comments from our guests were very positive. We had teething issues with the opening and car parking, however our guests loved the rooms. The in room tablets, free movies, extra comfy beds, signature essential oil scents all contributed to the BIG experience. We had so many perfect 10s in their scoring of their experience with us. We are extremely flattered and will work harder to deliver a better experience. We only hope for your forgiveness and understanding. We are trying to spread our unique experience to other regions as well and we will be happy to work with partners to that effect.

The media reported our appointment of Jones Lang to conduct a tender for our House of Tan Yoke Nee. This beautiful historic building was a landmark purchase and it is with a heavy heart to potentially let it go. However, our school needs a new home before the University of Chicago’s lease ends. The market has moved up significantly for the commercial sector so we hope to get an owner who appreciates this site for its beauty and heritage.

I feel I have wasted enough time in the first part of the year and I do not want to squander time away. There are more precious ways of spending time with God and your loved ones. We are often caught up with our worldly ways and I am extremely guilty of that too. I hope to be able to turn over a new leaf and put God and loved ones ahead.

Till the next entry, have a blessed life!

Your Friend
Andy Ong