Thursday, January 3, 2013

China rises…don’t complain…ride the wave!

China has been growing from strength to strength, that is undeniable. Their growth in stature economically and politically has made many uncomfortable. The 1.4 billion Chinese population’s search for better lives have led them to many parts of the world. Their presence have also unsettled many countries’ citizens as they are viewed with suspicion that they are stealing jobs and causing social problems.

I was watching a movie the day before yesterday about Chen Zhen (traditional Chinese: 陳真; simplified Chinese: 陈真), a martial arts exponent who lived pre 2nd World War days. The Japanese were after the wealth of China. At that point of time, they called the Chinese the ‘Sick men of East Asia’. It was a sad point in Chinese history. After years of isolation with the mindset of superiority, they lost out. They were also sabotaged by the Western powers, who were very concerned about the balance of trade position. 

The West has nothing China wanted, whilst the West wanted Chinese tea, silk and all the other produce. So what did the West do? They sold opium, yes drugs! It weakened China to its knees. The Qing dynasty emperors ceded land after land. Even though China was on the winning side of WW1, it still had to cede QingDao (Chinese: 青岛) to the Japanese!!!!!

China is now retaking its role as a world power after years of decline. Ride the wave, ladies and gentlemen. It is not too late.

Your Friend,
Andy Ong