Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New found optimism… iPhone 5 anyone?

I just came back from Bangkok where I was reviewing and structuring a few deals. Singaporeans do not appreciate the business friendly operating environment we are in. It is true that the GLCs have taken a large chunk of the viable businesses out there but Singapore is actually quite a suitable base to tap regional opportunities. Now that ASEAN is in the limelight, I would say that its now or never. The opening of Myanmar do present potential but I have seen asset prices ballooning there in the matter of weeks and the euphoria has gotten ahead of itself.

The world is short of investment opportunities. Now that Draghi has arm-twisted Germany into paying for the rest of Europe’s sins. Things suddenly look a lot better. Bernanke may be forced to do a QE soon. Guess what, I think he will do a super QE this time around as this is literally make or break. He will have to time this very well as it is his last bullet. Remember all the action heroes in the movies? The main actor will always have a last shot to kill the big bad villain. This is the movies in real life action. However, I cannot imagine the consequences. I will explain myself in my next entry.

I bumped into a few of my old students at a bar last night. They were amongst my first few students that I taught entrepreneurship. They were very proud that all of them started out on their own and have never looked back. I’m proud of them and hope to be meeting them soon.

I love my job and it’s not just the tangibles and the money but the impact we have made on people’s lives. We believe helping people maximizing their potential in life and make dollars along the way. We also believe that one needs to invest very wisely in order to build on their career success. I am very glad that to have made a little contribution along the way to guide my students towards career success.

I have switched nearly all my devices to Samsung in the last couple of years. I am actually looking forward to the new iPhone’s launch today. I hope they do not disappoint.

Till the next update, take care and God Bless!

Your Friend,
Andy Ong