Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bugis Cube creates the BC effect…

Hi guys and gals, I’m writing on the plane coming back from Bangkok and before that, I was in Seoul. It has been a very hectic weekend as I left Singapore on Saturday night after the first day of the launch of Bugis Cube. The concept is a hit with 85% of the project taken up just over the weekend.

The person in charge of marketing the project from Knight Frank was also an old friend, Mary, who sold me my first individual shop house. That was my beginning and I gave the project to them as a thank you. They did a great job and Mary anticipates a “Bugis Cube” effect on the rest of the commercial sector in Singapore.

There is no equivalent of such space in Singapore. 999 year tenure, strata- titled commercial space, that is retail oriented, and right smack in the heart of town. BC has all the essential ingredients for success. If you look at the prices paid for 99- year space outside town, well I like the location and concept much better, enough said. I can’t wait for the building to be completed as I want to build a school that will be the envy of town.

It was a busy start to the week as I had to settle our Seoul project and resolve all the transition issues which arose because our Thai GM passed away(May the Lord have mercy on his soul). Sad times but life still goes on.

We need to celebrate life and the only way is to look forward and charge with all gusto. However,we also need to smell the roses, which is why I will want to take a long break after my last property class this weekend. It is very tiring to be executing the various projects we have but I do thank God for the opportunity to do work I can only dream about when I was a kid. Irony isn’t it, but I have learnt that everything comes at a price.

I bumped into my university mate on the flight back. We were competitors in canoeing, dragon boat and canoe polo games both at the faculty and hall level. Meeting him sure brings back memories. Those were extremely great memories, to be precise. He just spurred me to back to school again. All of us need new phases of life and the essence is to make peace and create happiness on your own terms.

Till the next update, take care and God Bless!

Your Friend,
Andy Ong