Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Tale of Two Cities.

Hi Guys and Gals, I just finished conducting a class in property investment. Many of the students were very kind in giving us encouragement. They include:

“Andy, thank you so much in opening our mind into a unique perspective frame. We all could not think like how you perceive, a rare breed mindset--million times over. Awesome! I've analyzed all the figures. They are ALL updated--awesome!”
Dr Peter Yan

“I am one of the students of the Property Investment Program Intake 21. I would like to express my appreciation for your generous impart of practical knowledge in the property investment in Singapore which is really an eye opener to me.”
Mr Thomas Ngo

My team is very proud to have received compliments and I’m proud of them for organizing the whole affair efficiently. Last week, I brought a bunch of students overseas to look at development projects and they were pretty amazed at how tremendous wealth can be created via property investments. The number of woos and wahs were amazing as many were dumbfounded until now on how much developers were making.

I was in Seoul last week when I received news of the latest round of property cooling measures. I am not holding on to much residential property right now so I am less concerned. The government is concerned about foreign money eroding the ability of Singaporeans to buy as prices are pushed to new record highs. Think about it, a fresh graduate can never hope to own private property given that our real income levels have not gone up by that much and property prices have doubled or even more over the last few years.

We are probably the country in the world to introduce new measures to cool our property markets. The Hong Kong government is now contemplating lifting measures. This is an interesting observation. Perhaps the Singapore government expects more funds to come in from Europe and other countries which may be quite possible.

Given the low global interest rates and high levels of liquidity, I had told you earlier that prices will hold and my prediction were absolutely spot on. The latest round of measures have sparked a round of bashing by analysts, who are predicting prices falling by as much as 30%. Whilst I am not optimistic, I really think that will be drastic. Why? I believe the government will certainly want to maintain a certain level as drastic price falls destabilize the economy as well.

Unfortunately, this fresh round will initiate fresh interest in commercial property. That’s life. My students are well positioned in this environment and you know why. In fact, I’m quite pleased.

Till the next blog, have fun making money!

Your Friend,
Andy Ong