Monday, October 3, 2011

It’s a Brave New World!

Hi Guys, sorry for the long break. I’m just back from Bangkok…. again. Tonight I will be leaving for a multiple city trip to Australia. I hate multiple city tours but that’s life. It has been extremely hectic but very rewarding as well. All my projects are progressing and I hope to make you proud in the years ahead. I feel extremely blessed to be given the opportunity to execute what I’m doing right now. After all, I grew up in a 3 room HDB flat not knowing when the next meal is coming from.

I need to congratulate those of you whom I have told to buy projects in the Robin region. The 2 ladies who dared to go into Robin Rd which went enbloc recently have certainly made a big huge pile. You followed my very straightforward advice and made lots of money, good for you. For the rest of you, learn to seize the trend! I will be around to share with you for a couple more years before I pack my bags and go back to school.

The volatility in the stock markets over the last month or so can make grown men cry. I was rather undecided about the situation and took my time to ponder about the markets and therefore the lack of news from me. To tell you the truth, I’m getting a little uneasy about the whole situation. It’s been disaster after disaster. After the US financial fiasco, you have the Japanese tsunami and now the European debt issue is causing problems for the international investment markets.

It’s a crazy world indeed.

People are now switching to US treasuries as a safe haven. To me, it quite madness given that the concerns just a couple of months ago was the downgrade of the US ability to pay its debts. Remember the markets mayhem caused by S&P when it cut the US from AAA to AA+? How do you take advantage of the markets then? I will be very hesitant to get into residential now even though I expect our government to reverse the cooling measures once things go south. There is a industrial craze tight now but DO NOT fall into that trap.

My last session with you saw me sharing my thoughts on how world events will culminate into less demand for residential and more money into commercial properties. Time has shown that I have been quite right. There is still keen demand for quality commercial property whilst demand for residential has lost some luster. I do see opportunities as I have always shared with you that fortunes are made in market downturns. However, you will need to tread very very carefully and conserve your bullets for the right project.

I will organize another session to update you. Apologies for recalling you so often as the market is very fluid, and I do not want you to make unnecessary mistakes.

Till then, God Bless!

Your Friend,
Andy Ong