Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Andy’s predictions on the spot!

Hi Guys, I hope you profited from the session I organized in August. The strategy is to make full use of the underlying forces at work. My predictions were on the spot as the latest private homes sales numbers proved my analysis to be right. Prices have stabilized as what I shared with you but volumes have not gone down. The fact that the interest rate environment is so benign and that the market is so flush with liquidity has supported the market to a large extent. The panic sellers must be regretting that they sold after the initial euphoria. In this day and age, information is king.

Some of you were doubtful on my cautiously optimistic calls on the right commercial segments but recent transactions have been so strong and buying interest has gone through the roof. In fact, I’m getting so much interest for our commercial properties that I hardly believe it.

I sincerely hoped that more of you actually did something with the knowledge I shared with you and made money. Some of you were kind enough to share with me and I hope you will share more good news with me.

Till the next blog, God Bless and take care!

Your Friend,
Andy Ong