Friday, July 29, 2011

Reflections from ERC’s Property Investment Program.

Hi Guys! I am honoured when my students told me over the weekend they attended our property class to learn from Andy Ong only. I have been extremely blessed as people who are smarter than me have bothered to shared with me and I have been honing my property investment skills over the years. Through the last 18 months of sharing with you how to invest in property effectively, I have been understanding your pains. I understand that many of you want to get into the game but lack the financial resources and know how.

Many of you have also wasted a lot of money learning from the countless so called ‘gurus’ out there who are more interested in selling you crap properties and earning for themselves very fat fees. In fact, the last 2 intakes were pretty overwhelming as people realized that I do not want to teach any more. After the course, I was overwhelmed with the positive response from you. I was rather upset when a number of you actually came up to me and told me that they regretted going into other programs as they gained so much more usable and implementable knowledge. They advised me that other programs are just sales pitches for crap overseas properties. Sad but true. The appeal list for me to teach for a couple more courses is staggering. I will consider and let everyone of you know after my birthday weekend. I will not be taking my usual break as I am so backlogged with all the business matters. The new hotel, our new schools and coping with the infrastructure and logistics of our current businesses have caused this situation.

If anyone of you want to assist me and can play a role, I will be very happy to have a chat. The business has grown so incredibly that I really need to be looking out for capable people to be successors. It has been an incredible journey and I hope to give you the opportunity to have incredible journeys as well.

Till the next post, have fun!

Your Friend,