Thursday, July 7, 2011

Crystal Tower En-bloc (We told you so!)

Hi Guys. I really do not mean to gloat. For those of you who attended my property class and went on the road trip with me, one of the properties that we visited has just announced it is pursuing an en-bloc sale. We have stopped by the property and I thoroughly analysed its potential which has been verified by the markets. I know 2 of you bought units at that development and I am proud because you have taken action. For your efforts, you will have been greatly rewarded. I love creating millionaires, the act of that gives me the zest of life.

I was bullied by my staff to do one more property class as there was a waiting list. The class is this Saturday and it has been sold out and again there is a waiting list. I am in a conflict as I am quite disgusted by the practices of some of the so called ‘property gurus’ out there hawking crap properties to unsuspecting students, earning for themselves handsome fees in the process. I find the process just benefitting them and no one else.

At the same time, I have already tried my best and shared with 600 of you how I invest in property. I take the route of practical investing. From a humble $10,000, my portfolio has grown into hundreds of millions. Don’t take my word for it, the media has widely reported my purchases. Now that is real! My strategy has benefitted all my students who have created so much wealth that I am speechless. I am really tired though I pity the poor souls out there putting their hard earned savings into shitty assets as advised by their ‘teachers’.

For you out there who can advise me on what to do, I will be very happy to take your advice. You have my email, please do share your thoughts.

Your Friend,
Andy Ong