Monday, March 28, 2011

Many thanks for your encouragement!

Hi Guys. I just came out from an exhausting weekend teaching the latest PIP classes. I am very happy to make new acquaintances and see some old friends. The whole sessions were extremely tiring. For those of you who experienced how I share knowledge will understand why.

I felt very encouraged by the following emails of encouragement, I am inclined to share with you.

The first is from James:
Few months back when I read the TODAY paper "Inspiring Business Success... by living it" $500 Mil Real Estate fund is being managed by yourself & a team of capable staff. I told myself one of this day I must meet this Inspiring Man, to listen to his success story. Hope it can motivate me to do better.

Now, today I had done it successfully enroll & completed the course 27/3.

1) I am indeed Inspired by your passion in Real Estate that fired my own passion and "Will Never lose money myself and for my investors". I will definitely recommend your PIP.

2) I admired your sharp focus on the sites you had shown us today. I started to calculate the "potential returns" for a couple of years down the road and I can see the huge amount of money to be made. Have faith and always positive mode to buy and sell.

3) Btw: you have a group of great staff support to ensure the operations run well in the schedule. A great Thank You to you all.

Wishing You well in the coming trips to Vietnam, Thailand plus Japan. I just pray the Lord's divine appointment upon your meetings. The Lord will goes before you and set the path straight and has favour upon you.

Treasures In Darkness
" I will give you the treasures of darkness, riches stored in secret places so that you may know that I am the Lord, the God of Israel who summons you by name."
- Isaiah 45:3

Abundant Blessings To Come.

The second is from Khee Fong:
Just a simple note to say a BIG THANK YOU for sharing some much of your experience and knowledge. Your passion is most infectious, your creativity most impressive and your vision, most inspiring.

You may have heard this too many times, but i really wish i had attended your program much, much earlier.

Thank you once again and God bless. :P

James and Khee Fong, you are the reasons why I am still teaching and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. God Bless!

Your Friend,
Andy Ong