Monday, March 14, 2011

Asian Titan Trends Photos and Follow Up

Hi Guys,

I’m in good mood today because we will be completing the acquisition of Prime Centre. Just to recollect, we bought the building for $103 million, the amazing thing is that it has appreciated very substantially since our acquisition.

At our recent ERCI Career Fair at Suntec City Mall, we also had a record sign ups: 150 new students signed up for various education programs offered under ERCI! I am heartened and sincerely welcome these guys into our big family. We employed a very special strategy and the results simply blew our minds away. This is a very, very rare occasion that I actually posted 2 entries in a day.

I would like to share several things with you. The first are a few photos of Asian Titan Trends of me on stage and you, my friends. I really enjoyed the event when I shared with you, my investment perspectives. I also want to thank you for all the gifts and cards that day.

The recent spate of natural disasters has actually reinforced my views. Why? As the cities affected will require re-building, the thirst for commodities will be enhanced as they are the raw materials required. I will share with you my strategy of how to maximize returns in the commodities space, if you want me to. As usual, my strategy is off the beaten track and unorthodox but I hope to get far superior results.

Recently, I also chanced upon this gentleman, Nigel Chua. His blog is quite refreshing. I am so tired of so many losers just complaining about life. At least, he is proactive and really tries to make the best of things. This is a link to his site, check this link. Do browse when you have some time.I hope you can support positive people.

Till the next blog, take care my friends.

With Best Wishes
Andy Ong