Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Asian Titan Trends were spot on!

Hi guys, for those of you who attended my Asian Titan Trends in Suntec City on 30th January last year, good for you! If you had not made money, go and bang your head against the wall. My calls on commodities, prime landed property, tourism sector and the rest were not just spot on, they reacted according to my analysis uncannily accurately.

The commodities sector were quiet for a while, but the last quarter proved to be a real kicker. Landed prime property exceeded even my own expectations, to be honest. The tourism sector is simply booming despite the pessimistic calls of some analysts. Heck, getting a taxi out of Changi seems to be taking a far longer time compared to just a year ago.

My call on commercial property, which I threw all my available assets in(btw), rewarded me very handsomely. My $200 million investments have reaped very handsome returns indeed. In fact, this year has been a record year for the firm. My shareholders should be very happy.

This marks the fifth year when my calls were 100% correct. My annual summit have gathered pace and the audience is getting bigger every year. From a meager 100 participants, I now expect this year’s event to reach a crowd of at least 500. That will also be the maximum capacity.

Singapore is starting out on a positive note but this is where I prefer to be a contrarian. There seems to be too much optimism. Yes, we recorded record economic growth, even outstripping China. There seems to be liquidity everywhere and certain premium car showrooms are still doing well despite $70 thousand dollar COEs.

This year will be a year of caution for me. I will be announcing the date of my Asian Titan Trends 2011 soon. So keep your diary open if you want to make some REAL money.

Your Friend,

Andy Ong