Friday, January 28, 2011

Asian Titan Trends will be on 26/02/11

Hi Guys, I just got confirmation that Asian Titan Trends will be on the 26th of February. Due to overwhelming demand, we have booked the Drama Centre at the National Library, diagonally opposite my North Bridge Rd Complex.

I will be discussing what I will be putting my money in for the duration of the Year of the Rabbit. As you know, previous participants have all benefitted handsomely so do not miss this.

We can only accommodate 500 pax , first come first serve. Pls email Rebecca at . So till then, all the best in your endeavours.

Btw, I will not be checking my email box from the eve of Chinese New Year to the 5th day. So delay your enquiries till then.

With Best Wishes

Andy Ong

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I love my job! My earlier commercial property call reaffirmed by industry watchers!

After I shared with everyone my enthusiasm regards commercial property, it seems the whole world is bullish on this sector now. The Sunday Times did a BIG feature highlighting the whole sector but I don’t totally agree with the journalist’s analysis. Anyway, everyone is entitled to his/her opinion, only time will tell who is right.

If you had read the Business Times yesterday, you will know that our North Bridge Complex, which we acquired in end 2009 will be up for en bloc. The asking price is $110 to 115 million. The journalist did a good job but the final ppr price per square foot works out to be $1600 instead of over $2000. I had many calls and smses congratulating me. This fund manager even wanted to quit his job and join me instead as he managed to work out that we made quite a few tens of millions in the span of about 1 year.

For those of you who believed in us, you will be getting a big huge ang pow soon. Please remember your promise to me, I made you money, you pledged to donate a portion to charity! This is important to me as a person’s word is everything. I will make more opportunities available to those who oblige.

I stick to a very disciplined approach when it comes to investing in property as you might know. That approach of risk management above all else has paid off handsomely for the ERC group of companies.

In case I don’t post a blog before CNY, I wish you happiness and prosperity in the year of the Rabbit!

Your Friend,

Andy Ong

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Commercial Property In, Residential -Watch Out!

I have been very busy answering all your enquiries regards the impact of the government measures. I have seen quite a few options being returned and it will be interesting how everything pans out. What do I mean?

The lowering of loan to value has impacted demand quite drastically. If demand is lowered for the lower end property, there will be a knock on effect. If you can’t sell, you will not upgrade as well. Quite a few buyers have been caught, they bought their new place with the anticipation that they will be able to sell their current place. Well guess what, they are in a catch 22 situation now.

I hope the government do monitor the situation very closely. If there is a sudden economic change, such policies need to be reversed or we will create the perfect storm. With the widely anticipated increase in interest rates due to inflation, lower financing and restrictive measures, we might be caught out.

All these factors bode well for commercial real estate. They are not subject to the new rulings and the massive liquidity being pumped into the system needs a home. Commercial real estate seems to be the last bastion, given that the government should be less concerned over this sector as the buyers are corporates.

What does this add up to? Expect the market to be slow and I will be fishing for bargains now. Once I firm up my Asian Titan Trends dates, I will share with you much more.

Your Friend,
Andy Ong

Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Cooling Measures…

The government just announced new cooling measures in the form of lower loans to value loans and increasing the extent of seller’s stamp duty. The previous round of measures certainly did not have the desired result given that prices have been creeping up again after stabilizing for a while.

The sheer amount of liquidity and low interest rates have combined to fuel this property price increases. In fact, developers have been talking up the market, threatening to increase prices. This reminds me of the Chinese scenario where the developers held their stand and kept prices high. They tested the government’s will and have succeeded to a great extent.

What holds for this round? I don’t know why but I have an uneasy feeling. I cannot explain why but my optimism is tempered to a certain extent.

I will organize a session with my past students to discuss this soon.

Till then, take care

Your Friend,
Andy Ong

My Asian Titan Trends were spot on!

Hi guys, for those of you who attended my Asian Titan Trends in Suntec City on 30th January last year, good for you! If you had not made money, go and bang your head against the wall. My calls on commodities, prime landed property, tourism sector and the rest were not just spot on, they reacted according to my analysis uncannily accurately.

The commodities sector were quiet for a while, but the last quarter proved to be a real kicker. Landed prime property exceeded even my own expectations, to be honest. The tourism sector is simply booming despite the pessimistic calls of some analysts. Heck, getting a taxi out of Changi seems to be taking a far longer time compared to just a year ago.

My call on commercial property, which I threw all my available assets in(btw), rewarded me very handsomely. My $200 million investments have reaped very handsome returns indeed. In fact, this year has been a record year for the firm. My shareholders should be very happy.

This marks the fifth year when my calls were 100% correct. My annual summit have gathered pace and the audience is getting bigger every year. From a meager 100 participants, I now expect this year’s event to reach a crowd of at least 500. That will also be the maximum capacity.

Singapore is starting out on a positive note but this is where I prefer to be a contrarian. There seems to be too much optimism. Yes, we recorded record economic growth, even outstripping China. There seems to be liquidity everywhere and certain premium car showrooms are still doing well despite $70 thousand dollar COEs.

This year will be a year of caution for me. I will be announcing the date of my Asian Titan Trends 2011 soon. So keep your diary open if you want to make some REAL money.

Your Friend,

Andy Ong