Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Just back from the cold!

Hi guys, I just came back from Bangkok and Seoul. I nearly froze my butts when I was there. I am planning rather big projects in both cities. Of course, you will know course otherwise, I will not be flying there. One of my long lost friends emailed me after reading this blog. She asked if I’m busy and whether I’m getting married soon.I told her I need to find a wife first haha! Work has been hectic and when you have over 1000 relying on you to make a living, well you have to soldier on.

Many thanks for your congratulatory messages after reading the Business Times. I can only thank you for giving me courage and strength to push on with our projects. I am rather excited as this will be a new first for me. Many of you actually asked me when ERC will be listing. We already fulfilled the listing criteria some time ago but we have to ponder our options. It is a little scary to carry the burden of being a listed entity.

Anyway I just thought of thanking you, our friends for all your well wishes.

Your Friend always,
Andy Ong