Saturday, May 29, 2010

Passion is everything but maintaining it is tough!

I am on a plane writing this blog message after a tiring business trip. Sometimes, I really wonder what the heck am I doing working so hard when I can take life a little easier. This trip was a 3 city tour of duty again. I really wish ERC’s next generation of leaders can take a certain level of load off me.

It has been 6, 7 years since I decided to impart the knowledge bestowed on me by people far smarter than me. I have absorbed what they taught me and I am grateful as the knowledge has been life changing. Using that knowledge has enabled me to enrich and change my life. From starting businesses successfully to investing for maximum capital appreciation, I have benefitted tremendously.

Through the last few years, I have tried my darnest best to share and guide batches of people who want to make their lives a little better. My greatest pride is to see quite a few of you succeed. I have mentored quite a few millionaires and still counting. However, I feel tired and am starting to lose my voice. I have lost that edge and long term sharing has really taken its toll on me.

My priorities have changed now that our group of companies is no longer small. Revenue of companies of which I am Founder of is close to S$50 million in revenue and we now employ over 1100 employees. I feel I owe a duty of care to spend more time with them. Back to the days when I was a spring chicken, I can take the load but now, I am no longer happy as I am compromising with my quality of life .

I know that most of the blog entries that I write are quite upbeat but I do have my downtimes too. This is one of the few occasions, I just want to share with all my friends.

Your Friend,
Andy Ong