Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Life Changing Decision!

I have decided that I need to move on. This is quite a momentous occasion for me. In the last few years, I am so happy to make quite a few friends and along the way, I have encountered unpleasant people but that is life. It can never be a bed of roses. But that is what makes life interesting as well. In the last 10 odd years, I have grown our real estate, education and other businesses into forces to be reckoned with. We have acquired land, buildings and our business plays are quite admired by our peers.

After contemplating for the last few days, I have decided to lessen my personal sharing with the general public and devote more time to the businesses I have acquired over the years. I will continue to teach at the current pace for one more year and after that, I will just share with our long term academic students. This will mean I have more time to do a lot more stuff, like actually settling down and getting married. LONG OVERDUE!

This is a difficult decision as I really enjoy meeting new people. However, I am too overwhelmed right now to be effective. On hindsight, This decision is long overdue. I will have a few more property courses and maybe, a couple more entrepreneurship programs. After that, I guess I will have less opportunity to make friends. A lot of my former students have turned into business partners. I hope to be able to use the remaining time to consolidate our friendships and do more with you this period of time. After all, this is what ERC has been set up for. I apologise if we can’t help everyone but we really tried!

Your Friend,

Andy Ong