Wednesday, May 5, 2010

To do or not to do!

It has been a series of firsts for me in the last few months. I recently became the Founder of a listed firm In Bangkok and bought my first building. All these events are unfolding hard and fast.

I have always wanted to share with everyone how a turnaround of a company is executed. I have turned around quite a few firms but I have never attempted a public company. It will be interesting to see how everything develops. Shun Thai is a rubber products maker with manufacturing capabilities in Rayong. With the further development of our commodities real estate arm, getting them back on track is a logical solution. However, if I were to totally turn it around, it will mean taking time off from the existing ERC Group which has been growing by leaps and bounds.

I have always loved challenges but now, this will be real interesting. I really want your opinion, should I or should I not? I need your advice now my friends. All of you have my email address. What I do will be very public because as a listed entity, my success or failure will not escape public eye. Quite scary, come to think of it.
So email me now and advise me my friends, till the next time, take care.

Your Friend

Andy Ong