Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My Biggest Investment to Date!

I just bought my biggest investment to date, a building that I absolutely love. It has been a long drawn process, it took me 15 months to search and 3 months to negotiate. Yes, it takes me that long to find a deal. I am relieved and at the same time a bit jolted after I have done the deal. I am glad that some of the brightest investment minds in Singapore, my personal friends of course, are all scrambling to co-invest in this long term deal. I will share the details of the place next week.

The long term potential is great and after I implement my concept, the yield will be very significantly enhanced. I know that in my last blog, I warned about the residential markets. Of course, I will not be contradicting myself as the above property is not a residential play. After my last blog, I have been proven right as things have slowed down in the last month.

I really want to update this more often but I have been absolutely swamped! I have not even been able to eat as I had been in the process of re-structuring my organisation and was overseas so often that it would be more convenient for me to camp at the airport. So many apologies to my avid readers!

My property course has finally been launched and I must thank you for your overwhelming support. All the spaces has been taken in the space of a day. We will launch a second intake this year for those of you who were not able to get a space. I know my small class size is a bummer but we really want to add value. So grab a space before they run out again.

And by the way, please be very careful of people selling properties via attending seminars, I am really not comfortable as crap is being hawked like nobody’s business. Caveat emptor! I am only sounding this out as they are like a master agent who has nothing to lose even if you lose money. I am only sounding this as most of you are my students and your interest come first. I have nothing against anybody but please be careful what you are getting into, please!

I was really heartened when one of my students came up to me the other day thanking me. According to him, he has attended a lot of the seminars out there and in his own words, ‘ we have the liao(substance)’. Incidents like this are what drive us and creating value for you is key to us.

Till next time, do take care, my friends.

Your Friend,
Andy Ong