Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Many Apologies! But least you have been making money! I hope…..

Hi guys, many many apologies! I have been so busy to write new entries but that is no excuse. I just got back from Indonesia where we had a very exciting trip. We will be adding a new centre there by mid next year. Our partners are very excited by what we have built in Singapore and they are very keen to replicate.

At my last Asian Titan Trends when I shared with you what I am buying, I am happy to report that ALL my trends were dead on and you would have made over 150% over the course of a year. I shared with you, I was bullish on landed properties, the education sector, the tourism sector amongst others. I am very happy that my timing was also spot on, and my prediction of a V shaped recovery happened as I had shared right down to the month.

If you had bought a landed property in the Bukit Timah area, you would have paid $800 plus psf at that point in time. Your initial equity(down payment) would have been about $160 psf. Now prices have gone crazy and some are even advertising for $2000 psf. A more realistic pricing would be $1200, that means you would have made $400 psf, a return of over 150% plus the rental you have collected. Congratulations to the 200 attendants who bothered to come for that FREE event. Your return on investment would have been infinite. When you are on the way laughing to the bank, please remember to buy me a nice treat.

There are a lot of you who have been asking me what I have been up to. Well, I have been quite active in the property market. I bought a couple of the high profile properties, and for the 2 of you who attended my last program and hopped on board, congratulations.

All that is history, what you should be concerned with is what is happening now and even the experts are confused. I received calls from a couple of the top property experts and they are puzzled with what is happening. I need to go for my MBA class now and I will share what I think later in the evening with you.

Your Friend,
Andy Ong