Monday, May 4, 2009

Fast and Furious Markets

Apologies, Ladies and Gentlemen! I had been down with the flu for the last couple of weeks but unfortunately, I could not rest as work commitments demands that I keep up with my traveling schedule. But fortunately, I am quite sure, I am not down with the Mexican Flu.

Since my last update, I was in the Philippines and I just came back from Myanmar last night, and I am absolutely exhausted. It is my first time to both countries and the opportunities there are amazing. The people are lovely but their governments can’t seem to get their act together. Sad but true. However, it is such nations that present opportunities.

As you can recall, at last October’s CEO Forum, I shared with all of you that I expected the economy to recover by 3rd quarter of this year. This is in light of the accumulated Asian personal strong balance sheets and concerted government efforts. There were many skeptics who doubt if the global financial crisis can be untangles within so short a span of time. I also shared with you that the best indicator are the financial markets, and boy has the markets recovered!

The last couple of weeks have surprised me as the markets have proved to be very buoyant. These events have even accelerated my already optimistic observations. So what can you do right now? Ironically, there are still some doubts as to whether the recovery is sustainable so you might want to look for assets on the cheap now.

Some have started to emerge but I am afraid that not many of these will emerge. There are some values for money properties being auctioned off right now. Look at al the property firms’ websites, where there are details. I am also looking for assets and will look to acquire very high yielding properties by the end of this year.

I hope to get my next entry out soon. Till then, please do take good care of yourself.

Your Friend

Andy Ong