Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Seize The Day!

Sorry for the long break. My friends and I took a last minute decision to be in Melbourne. It was a much needed short break and what started out as a short trip turned out to be a 7-hour journey to Melbourne. The ticket price was irresistible, Emirates (a very good airline) was offering tickets at $403 all in! We had a ball of a time and celebrated my friend’s wife’s birthday there. The vineyards, the food, the chilling out were all very good. It helped that my friend studied there and knew all the nice places to go to.

We work so hard, we also need to take time out for ourselves. The passing of DBS’ CEO had a big impact on me. He was at the prime of his life and his fall to illness was a bit of a shocker. You never know when God is going to recall you, so it is important that you live each day like it was your last.

I just received this nice email from PK Tan and his wife Judy Chen

“We count ourselves as very fortunate to be members of your Wealth Creation Alumni. I believe all of us have benefitted greatly from your generous advice (especially through your latest updates on recently launched personal blog) on how we can gain financial freedom esp in this great recession and maybe even depression for some of us. Keep up with your great work, Andy! (Good to know that you are finding time to watch some movies.)” -PK and Judy

PK had a few questions that I believe that all of you will be asking, so for my next entry, I will share my thoughts with him. Till then, take care!

Your Friend,
Andy Ong