Friday, March 20, 2009


Hi guys! I just back from Vietnam early this week and I am sooooo tired! Vietnam took a lot out of me with the climate changes. It was 10 degrees Celsius in Danang on Saturday and 32 degrees Celsius the next day! Nevertheless, it has been a very hectic week. I concluded a deal to open our Hanoi school and managed to get the design concept out this trip.

I just sold my penthouse in East Coast and the funny thing is I have no where to stay as all my other places are leased out. I just leased a unit at The Sail, facing Marina Bay. So for those of you, who want to watch Formula One for free, be nice to me.

I have an entrepreneurship class tomorrow and I am looking forward to it. Many of you must be surprised that I look forward to doing my class, they may be tiring but they also give me inspiration. I look forward to starting my MBA class next month as well.

One of the key reasons why I’m so shag as well is that I was orchestrating our advertising campaign for our education arm that debut recently. I decided to take a leadership role after all the nonsense news articles regards private schools. Do let me know what you think of our ads.

For my next blog, hopefully I want to get it out soon; I would like to share with you what I think of the recent market rally as many of you will be curious. Economies are so depressed but why are stock markets doing so well in the last week or so. Till then, take care!

Your Friend,
Andy Ong